Twitch Campaign

Welcome to the Meme Lordz Twitch Campaign!

We are on the hunt for quality Twitch streamers to play & stream Meme Lordz. Any twitch streamer can apply for the campaign big or small.

Payments for the stream will be based on Average CCV of the stream, minimum average CCV of the stream must be above 5 to qualify for any payment and the stream must go for 2hrs minimum.

Here is a breakdown of payouts:

5-10 CCV = $10 per 2 hour stream.

10-20 CCV = $20 per 2 hour stream.

20-30 CCV = $30 per 2 hour stream.

30-40 CCV = $40 per 2 hour stream.

40+ CCV = Please contact our team to discuss.

There will also be weekly prizes:

$100 USD to the longest Meme Lordz stream of the week.

$200 USD to the most watched Meme Lordz stream of the week.

We will require a screenshot of the stream insights (from Twitch) to verify your average CCV from the stream. Payment will be made via PayPal once we have verified that you qualify.

To submit content please fill out this goole form:

For more information please contact our community manager on:

-Email: [email protected]
-Telegram: @haworthwebb
-Discord: Haworth#2342

Download Campaign Starter Guide