Lordz Token
+ NFT System

Our beloved Lordz token has immense utility within the Meme Lordz game, as well as major incentives for holders. Our implementation of smart contract technology allows our token and game to synergize & create optimal conditions for growth.

Token & Smart Contract Details


Standard BEP20 Token

3% in | 6% out






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Token Utility

The Lordz token is at the center of the Meme Lordz game and NFT minting system.

Once a player has captured & cleansed some Meme Lordz they will be able to mint them into NFT’s directly from inside the game through a connected Meta Mask wallet.

With all NFT minting fee’s paid in $Lordz, the demand will only increase as the popularity of the game does. These NFT minting fee’s allow us to further burn & redistribute back to holders.

This will drive the value of $Lordz up as new users see the value of NFT’s found in the game & subsequently acquire $Lordz from the open market to mint them.

NFT minting tax distribution breakdown

100% of the BNB minting fee will go toward the project for future development, team earnings, etc.

Minting Explained

There are 2 types of NFTs to be minted while playing Meme Lordz.

Minting a Meme Lordz NFT costs 150 $Lordz + 0.01 BNB and allows the Lord to be used in the upcoming Meme Lordz multiplayer. Each Minted Lord has a chance to receive 1 of 5 unique natures with increased stats.

Exclusive locations for holders!

As our Meme Lordz universe expands with regular map updates, we will feature unique locations, items and partnerships accessible exclusively to Lordz holders.

Discounts on unique NFT items

Holders of the Meme Lordz token will receive discounts when purchasing unique NFT skins & NFT items. These are purely cosmetic and will not effect gameplay. A main game item system for consumables will require  in-game “Shard-Dust”  acquired by playing the game.

Immortalise your Meme Lord as a NFT!

View your custom Meme Lordz NFT Artwork on lootex.io

About Meme Lordz NFTs

Minting a Meme Lordz NFT occurs inside the game, and allows the minted Lord to be used in the upcoming Meme Lordz multiplayer, as well as be sold and purchased through online marketplaces. Each Minted Lord has a chance to receive 1 of 5 unique natures with increased stats! Use our NFT validator to check the level, stats and rarity of your Lordz.

Minting Explained