NFT Validator
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The Meme Lordz Validator allows players & investors to view the in-game details of a specific Meme Lordz NFT.

Since each NFT is linked to a playable, in-game Meme Lord, the information about each Meme Lordz’ level, evolution status & validity, is crucial for those buying/selling our NFT’s.

Users can input the tokenID of the Meme Lordz NFT in question & quickly view its artwork, base stats, in-game level & validity. If your NFT is invalid or not appearing, please contact support.

The NFT Validator
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Some valid NFTs may not appear in the validator app while we migrate data to the new system

Immortalise your Meme Lord as a NFT!

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About Meme Lordz NFTs

Minting a Meme Lordz NFT occurs inside the game, and allows the minted Lord to be used in the upcoming Meme Lordz multiplayer, as well as be sold and purchased through online marketplaces. Each Minted Lord has a chance to receive 1 of 5 unique natures with increased stats! Use our NFT validator to check the level, stats and rarity of your Lordz.

Minting Explained