Game Features

Turn-based RPG battles, vast world exploration, unique items and armour sets make Meme Lordz game the hottest blockchain game of the year.

Nostalgic, Immersive
Blockchain Gaming

The Meme Lordz Beta release takes players on a 80+ hour nostalgic, retro journey through Planet Memnon. Players will experience a rich storyline, dynamic combat system, expansive item system & a cutting-edge NFT minting system in-game, which allows players to immortalize their captured Meme Lordz as collectible NFT’s.

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80+ hour open world exploration

Turn based RPG battle system

Complete quests for rare items

Save your game to your wallet

Mint NFTs during gameplay

Explore the world of Memnon

The peaceful world of Memnon is being corrupted by an unknown force. In a world powered by the thought-energy emanating from the minds of humans, the free-flow of that energy is of dire importance. Explore and battle your way across a vast open world map, capturing Meme Lordz & helped stop the Sensor forces trying to corrupt the pure energy of the Meme Stream!

Build your party, prepare for battle!

Wield the power of the mighty Meme Lordz in a dynamic, turn-based combat system which allows players to select from 100’s of unique moves. Each Meme Lord is comprised of 12 base stats which govern their health, energy, damage, defense and more. Lordz also tend to favor a specific battle role like healing, tanking or damage dealing.

The Memnites need help!

Encounter hilarious side quests throughout the land of Memnon & obtain rare items to help evolve your Lordz as rewards! A full inventory system lets players spend their hard earned “Shard Dust” at shops for potions and items.

100’s of unique moves

The Meme Lordz battle system contains 100’s of unique moves which draw from 1 of 14 affinities. From attacks, heals, life-steals, shields, buffs & debuffs, players will always be engaged and thinking when navigating tough battles!

MetaMask Based Account

Your save game is connected to your metamask account so you can play wherever you go & know your save is secure. Server-side security ensures our game remains safe and fair for all players.