Meme Lordz is the world’s first free-to-play, meme-to-earn NFT game. Powered by Unity, Binance Smart Chain & Chain Link VRF, our top-down role-playing game (RPG) allows players to explore a vibrant open world environment that culminates in a rich 80+ hour storyline, filled with deep lore & pure comedic gold.

Explore the corrupted world of Planet Memnon where the thought forms of humanity manifest as ghostly “Meme Lordz”. Battle your way to glory as you complete quests, gather items, train and evolve your Lordz & most importantly …. cleanse the corruption!

Meme Lordz enables players to earn income by essentially monetizing the time spent playing the game by offering the Meme Lord found, captured, trained and minted inside the game to other (aspiring) players on the open market.

By the time the upcoming official play-to-earn system is fully available online, players will have more than one way of earning $Lordz and $BNB tokens within the Meme Lordz ecosystem.

Why Meme Lordz?

Meme Lordz is a melting pot of six key pillars;

1 – Meme Culture

Memes are the world’s largest wellspring of ideas, jokes, tunes, catchphrases and fashions that ebb and flow through the expanse of the internet. The power of memes, however, goes even further than this. As Richard Dawkins put it best: “Memes don’t only leap from mind to mind by imitation, in culture. […] Our minds are invaded by memes, as ancient bacteria invaded our ancestors’ cells and became mitochondria. Cheshire Cat-like, memes merge into our minds, even become our minds.”

By tapping into the infinite well of evolving Memes, Meme Lordz is able to be both universally relatable & current, as it feeds the story & character base with the latest viral thoughts.

2 – Play-To-Earn / Free-To-Play Economy

Decentralization and individual monetization opportunities are challenging traditional oligopolies and represent one of the largest shifts in the history of the ever-evolving video game landscape.

As with any trend, several businesses emerged to cash in on the headwind, with pay-to-play elements that require upfront monetary investments to play the game. For us a low-barrier of entry is essential to the lasting success of a project, which is why Meme Lordz is available as a free-to-play game. People all around the world, within “crypto” or not, can complete the entire storyline without paying any money and simply enjoy the game.

Yet, at any time in the personal journey of a player, the opportunity to monetize one´s time spent in the game, is just a few simple steps away. Making money and having fun playing a game has never been easier!

3 – Playability

Most of the game titles that have come into existence due to the confluence of the P2E and Crypto NFT gaming are skewed towards the business end of things, leaving the actual gaming experience a lot to be desired for.

The primary focus of any game is to entertain the player and allow them to have fun while they go through the paces to level up. In short, it should be ‘playable’. Meme Lordz is built on this premise, as it has been meticulously crafted to be game-centric first with playability being its main differentiating feature.

The result is something that looks and acts like a game, naturally enhancing its attractiveness for players to care about the story and the characters they battle and mint in-game, making them want to both play-to-earn and play-to-own.

4 – Open World & RPG elements

Gaming has always been about big themes such as the spirit of adventure and exploration. As the technology to build massive titles was made available, the world saw the emergence of games with open or free-roaming environments that allowed players to venture beyond walls and locked doors. It was simple, game studios sensed and responded to the sentiment amongst gamers to experience more autonomy.

Meme Lordz embraces this philosophy of open world exploration in its game design, while also incorporating hybrid genre elements such as RPG, a top-down perspective and pixel art. All of this is again peppered with comic undertones and a multi-tiered evolution and rarity system, successfully incorporating the world-building and storytelling chops of big titles, allowing players to immerse themselves in both the main storyline as well as hilarious NPC side quests set in a vibrant and truly original universe.

5 – Nostalgic Gameplay

The gaming world of the 90ies and early 2000s is widely remembered to be one of groundbreaking technological advances and genre defining masterpieces. Game Boy, Nintendo64, Pokémon games and trading cards (to name but a few) captured the hearts of a whole generation.

Meme Lordz is our homage to the nostalgic millennial gaming culture in which pixel art, 2D top-down RPGs and turn-based combat systems are universally remembered as a Golden Age of gaming.

6 – Blockchain Technology

There are a myriad of reasons why blockchain could very well be the future of gaming. At Meme Lordz, we embrace blockchain technology for three reasons:

  • the potential and promise it provides for true, immutable digital ownership and monetization of individuals assets, instead of it being exclusive to corporate structures.
  • the ability to provide transparent, trackable and truly fair Random-Number-Generation in the gaming space.
  • the ability for consumers to scrutinize and track everything that’s happening behind a company/DAO/project, often with a direct line of communication with the developers.


Story + Lore

Planet Memnon

The peaceful world of Memnon is being corrupted by an unknown force. In a world powered by the thought-energy emanating from the minds of humans, the free-flow of that energy is of dire importance. Explore and battle your way across a vast open world map, capturing Meme Lordz and help stop the Sensor forces trying to corrupt the pure energy of the Meme Stream!

Welcome to the Planet Memnon

“You think, therefore I am.”

The echoes of a deep voice ring through your mind as you awaken in a foreign land, filled with alien structures & crystals which seem to permeate all parts of the landscape.

A curious humanoid approaches.

“A human?! The prophecy has come true…..”

Your body aches & vibrates with an unusual energy, both painful and euphoric. “What is this place, who is this man?” you think to yourself.

The curious creature responds … as if reading the thoughts directly from your mind.

“The world you find yourself in, is a phantom of your own. Rotating around earth at a distance. For many years we were a poor race, confined to the habitable regions of our world. Thousands of years ago, our people noticed that the crystals that fill our land shone brightly when facing towards your Earth; as if charged with energy! After much experimentation our finest intellectuals realized the structure of these crystals is such that it captures the energy produced by conscious thought. Energy radiating from your planet that transfers to ours.

A few thousand years ago a large crystal, found deep in a treacherous cave began vibrating and radiating with more energy than had ever been witnessed! It began transforming as it filled with the collective thought energy of the being you call …. “Chuck Norris”. Your collective thoughts were reflected in that crystal & thus brought a ghostly reflection of that thought into existence. The first Meme Lord brought into this world!

For generations we revered these ancient and transcendent Meme Lordz which float above our crystals. We mined these crystals, developing arrays to capture thought energy all the while advancing our society based on this new form of technology. Transport, medicine & every facet of life were dragged from what you would consider the stone age to what beholds you. An advanced society completely reliant the collective thoughts of humanity.

Our source of power grew with your population. The more conscious thought, the more our crystals shone with light. Our thinkers delved deep into the study of Memetics, tracking thoughts through your world & studying the rich culture of Memes.

As people banded together and shared thoughts, so did that energy better travel through space to our planet. Thoughts shared by multiple people have more collective power and as certain ideas propagated and crossed cultures so did the source further grow.

Civilizations grew and more ideas were adopted by groups of humans living in collectives. Ideas were shared, thoughts coalesced and our world thrived.

That is until now…..”

Game Overview

Game Introduction

Meme Lordz is a top-down RPG which harkens back to the Golden Age of classic gaming and pays tribute to the genre-defining masterpieces of this era. Players are sent on a journey to cleanse the corruption of Planet Memnon. After spawning into the game & meeting the infamous Professor Grub, players are cast out into a sprawling world of interesting characters, complex lore, immersive quests & most importantly: wild Meme Lordz!

266 Unique Lordz, 1000s of Collectible NFTs

Our roster has 266 unique Meme Lordz, a wide-ranging list of controversial and meme-able characters that have both captured our attention and dominated the historical & cultural milieu.

This ever-expanding list of the most dominating thoughts (Memes) of human history, might arguably function as an ever-evolving Meme Museum – a forever land of what once made us smile like nothing else, humbled and inspired us, made us throw up in our mouths, or made us experience cringe in its purest form:

Each Meme Lord can be captured in battle through the use of Meme Shards which allow the players to bind a wild Meme Lord & bring it back to the Meme Stream to cleanse its corruption & add it to their party.

Memes, taken from the wild, trained, evolved, brought into battle, immortalized on the blockchain, to live in our collective minds forever.

Feast your eyes on this expansive list of Meme Lordz, their primary types and respective evolution trees. We plan to add new Lordz periodically by engaging our community with polls and contests. Stay tuned.


Meme Lord Stats

 Each Meme Lord is comprised of 12 base stats which govern the following:

  • Health Points (HP)
  • Energy Points (EP)
  • Attack – Used when calculating the damage of a Meme Lord using a normal attack. This stat is weighed against the defending Meme Lordz base defense.
  • Defense – Used calculating the damage taken by a Meme Lord when receiving a normal attack.
  • Speed – Used in the turn calculations to determine which team plays moves first. Both primary and secondary Meme Lord speed stats are factored into this calculation.
  • Healing – Used when calculating the healing given by a Meme Lord using a normal healing move.
  • Buffing – Used when calculating the strength of any given buff/debuff given by a Meme Lord using a normal buff/debuff.
  • Special – The special stat effects all special moves regardless of the move. Used when calculating the strength of a special attack/healing/buffing.
  • Special Defense – Used when calculating the damage taken by a Meme Lord when receiving a special attack.

Each Meme Lord specializes in a ‘Role’ similar to traditional RPG games; Tank, Healer, Damage Dealer & Buffer. This paves the way for incredibly unique battle dynamics between the ever-expanding possibilities for party composition and strategy!

Have a Jesus as your secondary Meme Lord healing a Kim Jong Un on the field and decimate your opponent. Cripple your enemy with a Mark Zuck as secondary casting tech typed debuffs while your Jackie Chan attacks from the field!

Gameplay: Battle System

The Meme Lordz battle system is a perfect homage to the turn-based combat systems revered in the nostalgic games of yore…with a modern & advanced twist.

The game offers a dynamic, turn-based combat system, which pits two players against each other with a total of 4 Meme Lordz each. The system allows a primary Meme Lord on the battlefield & a secondary (rotatable) Meme Lord playing from the bench. Players can select from 100s of unique moves that draw from 1 to 14 affinities. From attacks, heals, life-steals, shields, buffs & debuffs, players will always find themselves developing unique play-styles through experimentation.

Effect-based moves

The Meme Lordz battle system allows users to cast a number of varied effects on both their primary Meme Lord & enemy. These effects range from increases in base stats (attack buff, defense buff) to absorption shields, attack reflection shields & damage/heal over time effects.

The effects in Meme Lordz are divided into 2 types:

Time based effects will “tick” once per turn, after the effected Lord has played their move.

Usage based effects will only “tick” when the Meme Lord has gained usage of the effect.

For example: Your Meme Lord has an effect which increases defense. This effect will only “tick” when your Meme Lord receives an incoming attack & thus benefiting/using the effect. This solves many turn sequence related problems and adds a huge new complexity to the system.

Affinity/Type System

Each Meme Lord has been assigned a Primary & Secondary Affinity which best suits that Meme Lordz history and temperament. Each Affinity comprises of a unique move pool which only Lordz of that Affinity may learn.

Each Affinity may cause varying damage multipliers when using moves in combat.

The current Meme Lordz version contained 14 unique Affinities.


These shallow Meme Lordz specialize in healing energies. With a well rounded tool-kit of healing, dispelling & beyond; entertainers may be annoying but sure are useful!


These soul soothing Meme Lordz are masters of consistent damage output.


The tongue twisting, double speaking Political class are masters of reducing enemy stats (debuffing).


These erratic Lordz can be found deep in the caves of Memnon sharing conspiracies & paraphernalia. Conspiracist Meme Lordz focus in wide utility with debuffing, buffing & dispelling all under the belt. While they may not be wise to use on the battlefield, their buffs/debuffs can be critical.


These noble Meme Lordz are elevated above all others through there noble blood. Royal type Lordz are heavy hitters, dealing large damage & well versed in life-steal attacks.


These nature loving, agile, survivors are incredibly talented healers & buffers. Survivalist have very unique buffs & a well rounded tool kit of dispels.


The Spiritual class are masters of healing and beneficial buffs. These sages are also highly skilled at dispelling de-buffs & cleansing states.


Undisputed masters of buffing and dispelling. Tech Lordz typically deal very low damage but make themselves useful by removing negative effects & increasing the power of your primary Lord.


Rare & mysterious, often deeply absorbed in thought. The intellectual Lordz focus exclusively on buffing.


Military Lordz focus entirely on heavy damage output & do very well as primary damage dealers.


The Deranged type is a seriously twisted & horrible group of Meme Lordz capable of dealing immense damage & applying heavy damage over time debuffs. These soulless creatures are devoid of humanity & draw there power from fear and suffering.


These time-warping, salty relics, bring immense power to the battlefield. Specializing in heavy damage & hybrid de-buffs. From colonization to dogmatic practices, the Ancient Meme Lordz will have you covered.


Terrorist Lordz are incredibly powerful. Found late in the game, they excel at both damage dealing & hybrid debuffing moves. From train-bombs to plane hijackings, Terrorist Lordz should be feared in battle.


The bread and butter of Memnon. Meme type Lordz seem to permeate every corner of Memnon & provide solid damage dealing throughout the game.


Athletic Lordz specialize in endurance and defense. Typically holding high HP & defense values, these Lordz make highly useful tanks.

Evolution Trees

The evolution trees in Meme Lordz are complex and illusive. They are the holy grail of creating real rarity and demand in our NFT ecosystem. Some Meme Lordz can be acquired through chance when the Meme Lord is evolving, others require incredibly rare items.

Each evolution path has a number of parameters which determine the chance.

Base chance: All Evolutions paths have a base chance. Each Evolution path base chance is factored into a random roll. Some base chances may be 0.

Conditional item: Evolution paths with a conditional item setup are not available unless the required item is equipped to the Meme Lord who is evolving. If a conditional item is present, the evolution system looks to the base chance & compares it with all other eligible evo paths.

Chance item: Evolution paths with a chance item setup are always factored into the Evo path random roll, regardless of whether the chance item is equipped. If the chance item IS equipped, the base chance of that evolution path will increase.

Evolution setups may be as simple as 3 paths all with a 33% base chance of success.

Other paths may have 0% base chance, but require a chance item to increase the base chance to 5%.

This demonstrates the variability of evolution trees and the complexity and depth that can be achieved in controlling the rarity of our most coveted Meme Lordz!


Play-To-Earn makes up just 1% of the video game industry according to the BlockChain Game Alliance 2021 Report, but it has captured the attention of the gaming community and is poised to shape how the video game industry evolves in the metaverse. We are glad to be pioneering a unique game at the turn of a new leaf in the realm of gaming and technological advancements such as blockchain. And we certainly are well poised to make a dent in this universe and usher in a new wave of markets and ecosystems.

Dual-Economic Model

Meme Lordz is a free-to-play game and hence you do not need to spend any money/tokens to start playing the game. Our goal was to offer a free-to-play game while also providing players with ways to earn. Meme Lordz perfectly balances the lucrative economic models of free-to-play mobile games and play-to-earn NFT games, paving the way for a dual-economic model.

Free players earn by:

  • Earning $BNB through converting in-game currency (shard dust) earnt playing Meme Lordz. (Launching soon)

Paid players earn by:

  • Selling their Meme Lord NFT characters on the marketplaces
  • Participating in multiplayer tournaments to win money
  • Earning $BNB through converting in-game currency earnt playing Meme Lordz. (Launching soon)

Meme Lordz NFTs

What sets Meme Lordz aside from traditional games of the same genre, is the in-game blockchain integration which allows us leverage decentralised technology to give players true ownership over their in-game assets.

Each Meme Lord captured and cleansed within the game becomes eligible for the minting procedure, which immortalizes the chosen Meme Lord, transforming them into a blockchain Non-Fungible-Token (NFT). These Meme Lordz NFT’s sit on the players blockchain wallet as ERC-721 tokens waiting to be interacted with by the game, sold or traded to friends or horded for a later time.

Meme Lordz leverages a unique system where by users MUST play the game to acquire the NFT’s. This means that any Meme Lord NFT that exists and can be view or bought, has been first acquired through gameplay, catching & minting that Meme Lord. This system takes proof-of-work concepts to the next level … proof-of-play.

Our NFT economy, supply & distribution is acutely controlled through the degree of rarity & challenge involved with obtaining the Meme Lord in-game. This creates an incredibly unique dynamic between players, traders & sentiment.

Each NFT is linked to the in-game Meme Lord, so as it levels up so too does the NFT. This opens lucrative opportunities for gamers to earn money by levelling up and selling max level Meme Lordz to those who may not have as much time to invest in a full play-through of the story line.

Meme Lordz NFT’s are not required to play the game and progress through the story, but are required to partake in the upcoming Meme Lordz multiplayer.

The Meme Lordz NFT Validator will provide safe place to check the validity, in-game level & evolvability of a Meme Lord NFT.

All minting fee’s are paid in $Lordz and BNB thus feeding and bolstering the wider Meme Lordz ecosystem (see tokenomics below).

Nature system 

Our second tier “Nature” rarity system enables players to roll the dice when minting for a chance at obtaining 1 of 5 variations on the base Meme Lord being minted. The random number used in this process is sourced from the Chain Link VRF (Verifiable Randomness Function) smart contract  to ensure true, verifiable randomness. The variations receive progressive stat boosts and holo-artwork. Our “Nature” rarity system means that our base 266 unique Meme Lordz becomes over 1000 collectible NFTs.


$Lordz Token

The $Lordz token lies at the center of the Meme Lordz game, being the currency required for minting Meme Lordz NFT’s & purchasing NFT items.

$Lordz fees, accumulated from minting fee’s are used in many ways to bolster the value of $Lordz & fund the circular play-to-earn economy.

$Lordz gained via minting fee’s include:

-Burnt from supply

-Pooled for P2E pools & competition winnings

Meme Lordz currently has both a single $Lordz staking pool & a $Lordz-BNB PCS-LP token farming pool live. Over 20% of the $Lordz supply is currently staked in our smart contract by our community/ holders. (27/4/2022)

Token Type:

Standard BEP20 Token / No Tax

Contract Adress:


Total Supply;


Tokens Burnt Since Launch:


Current Circulating Supply:


Supply Breakdown

The accompanying graph lays out the initial distribution of our token. We will be offering the public 30% in the IDO (June 21st). Team, Reserve & Marketing tokens will be locked with a gradual unlock each month over 6 months. 25% of marketing tokens will be available straight away to fund the first month of marketing.

IDO Funds Breakdown

The accompanying graph lays out the distribution of the IDO amount.


$Lordz is available on the following exchanges:


Q1 2021

  • Prototype & Proof of concept

Q2 2021

  • Public Website
  • Trailer Launch
  • Public IDO 

Q3 2021

  • Game Development

Q4 2021

  • V1 single player release (browser beta)
  • Blockchain functionality ($Lordz requirement)
  • In Game NFT Minting
  • Server based save games (MetaMask)
  • Marketing campaigns

Q1 2022

  • Route to Ba Sing Sei: Content Expansion
  • Battle System Updates
  • Minting Fee Increase

 Q2 2022

  • Ba Sing Sei: Content Expansion (Max level cap 50)
  • Meme Lordz NFT Item Sale
  • Multiplayer Launch (Including multiple unlockable skins)
  • P2E – Shard Dust To BNB conversion
  • Meme Lordz Armory (View your NFT’s)
  • Meme Lord Validator (Quickly view the level, stats & official validation of a Meme Lord)
  • Multiplayer Tournaments
  • Educational Meme Lordz Content
  • Viral Marketing Campaign


Ryan Smith

Founder / CEO

Multidisciplinary creative & entrepreneur. Ex-Professional Artist gone blockchain, Ryan brings radical creative visions to life with a fo­cus on decentralisation , wealth redistribution & counter-culture growth.

Milan Votrubec

Systems Engineer

The Swiss Army Knife of coding. With a life­time of experience in corporate & indie de­velopment teams, Milans code drives every aspect of the Meme Lordz universe.

Momsaad Kahn

Blockchain Engineer

High specialised in solidity & all things smart contracts, Moms highly technical approach to novel blockchain problems & experience over multiple successful blockchain projects keeps him in high esteem among the team.

Josh Haworth Webb

Community Manager

The digital psychologist. The glue of the community & champion of the people. Haworth’s 20+ years of customer facing community growth & alternative “digital psychology” fit perfectly at Meme Lordz.

Josh Maker

Brand + Creative

Creative Technologist, Multidisciplinary De­signer and Full Stack Web Developer with 10 years corporate experience across Digital Agencies, Financial + Insurance industries and Tech Startups.