Meme Lordz LP Farming

The Meme Lordz LP Farming system aims to increase the liquidity on the $Lordz-BNB trading pair on PancakeSwap. An increased liquidity pool will provide a much smoother & stable trading experience for holders as well as making $Lordz more attractive to large investors who look to enter and exit large positions.

The Meme Lordz LP Farming system allows users to stake their $Lordz-BNB LP Tokens to earn $Lordz at 64% APY*.

To be clear, users are NOT staking their $Lordz tokens with us, they are staking $Lordz-BNB LP Tokens.

To acquire $Lordz-BNB LP Tokens, users must hold both BNB, $Lordz and provide them in an equal amount to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool. Once liquidity is provided to the pool, users receive an equivalent amount of $Lordz-BNB LP tokens.

These LP Tokens are then locked into our farming contract where users will earn $Lordz at 64% APY* until the pool ends or they remove their LP tokens.

A claim button allows users to withdraw their earnings at any moment.


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Meme Lordz Staking

The Meme Lordz staking system aims to increase the scarcity of $Lordz & encourages investors to hold their coins long-term.

The Meme Lordz staking system allows users to stake their $Lordz tokens to earn $Lordz at 1.25% APY*.

A claim button allows users to withdraw their earnings at any moment.

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Meme Lordz Staking and Farming portal applications have been developed and tested using MetaMask.

*APY based on current calculation (dated 13/07/2022) and subject to fluctuation over time. The Meme Lordz team takes no responsibility for any value or money lost in PCS liquidity providing, staking, farming or interacting with any Meme Lordz smart contract.

What is LP token farming?

Providing liquidity requires staking equal values of different tokens, which generates a LP token. This new LP token is then deposited into the farming contract & users earn $Lordz for their liquidity contribution.

What is token staking?

Token staking involves depositing your $Lordz tokens into the staking contract. This effectively removes $Lordz from supply, increasing scarcity. Users are rewarded in $Lordz for the duration of their staking period.

Why do I receive rewards from staking?

This is compensation provided by the Meme Lordz team for users taking on additional risks. Staking tokens is equivalent to locking them away for a period of time & for that we reward you!

You are paid for this action because you renounce your ability to sell the tokens, and exit the investment. This impacts the market price as you effectively remove part of the token supply from circulation during this time, growing the LP against which others can execute live trades, and at the same time signalling to the world that the community is willing to commit to supporting the token for an extended period of time.