Project Roadmap

PHASE 1 (Q1-Q3 2021)

  • Prototype & proof of concept
  • Website launch
  • Trailer launch
  • Public IDO
  • Game Development

PHASE 2 (Q3-Q4 2021)

  • Browser based closed Alpha
  • Browser based open Beta
  • In Game NFT Minting
  • Server based save games
  • Marketing campaigns

PHASE 3 (Q1-Q2 2022)

  • Route to Ba Sing Sei: Content Expansion
  • Battle System Updates
  • Minting Fee Increase
  • Official Meme Lordz Game Trailer Release
  • $Lordz Staking Pool launched
  • v2 Farming Pool launched
  • Ba Sing Sei: Content Expansion
  • Full server-side battle system migration
  • Meme Lord Validator
  • Full PvE NFT functionality

PHASE 4 (ongoing)

  • Multiplayer Launch
  • P2E – Shard Dust To BNB conversion
  • Arcade multiplayer mode
  • Official League multiplayer mode & ranking system
  • Persistent MMO world
  • Skin & wardrobe system
  • Open world PvP


  • New in-game item functionality
  • New move dynamics
  • Meme Lordz Mobile Release
  • Meme Lordz Trading Card Game release
  • Meme Lordz tournaments
  • Meme Lordz 2 ….

Wen Marketing?


Here we showcase some the best PR & marketing efforts of the team during the early phases of our project. 


As we draw closer to the completion of development & a fully fledged multiplayer RPG, we begin our plans to put Meme Lordz in front of every gamer on the planet.

Our marketing team are putting key structures into place to roll out mass marketing campaigns. These campaigns will focus around viral organic stories of players utilizing the upcoming Meme Lordz P2E system. 

A combination of Twitch streamers, e-sports community sponsorships, interviews & key ad placements will be used as campaign channels.

Our team maintains a baseline level of standard crypto marketing during the development phase to maintain and continue growing our holder base. Marketing includes competitions, twitter influencers, regular social media posting.

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