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Meme Lordz is an upcoming blockchain game powered by the BSC network. A top-down RPG utilising blockchain technology to immortalise each Meme Lord as a Non-Fungible-Token. Battle, bind and collect as you journey through a mysterious land powered by the collective thought-forms of humanity.

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$Lordz token will be required to play the Meme Lordz blockchain game.

$Lordz tokens are also available to trade on Bitmart and Pancake Swap.

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Token Details

Game Features

NFT Minting for rare Meme Lordz

Travel the open world battling and binding lost Meme Lordz. Immortalise your Meme Lordz at the Meme Stream where you will be able to initiate metamask transactions and mint unique Meme Lordz NFT’s. The journey home to the Meme Stream is perilous and filled with danger. User wallets are scanned upon entry into the world, so you can only battle with Meme Lordz who have been captured & minted into an NFT.

Evolve your Lordz through unique character trees

Watch in awe as your Meme Lordz transform through unique, complex character trees. Experiment with odd items, in-game locations & hilarious conditions which effect the progression of your lord.

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Specialised Combat Affinity System

The Meme Lordz Affinity System contains 14 unique affinities, which square off and deal varied damage multipliers in specific match-ups. Each Meme Lord may have a maximum of 2 affinities, these dictate which moves a Meme Lord can learn and take into battle. Each affinity specializes in a certain area of combat & is generally weighted towards either Attacking, Buffing, Debuffing or Healing. Below we showcase 4 powerful affinities.

Read more about Meme Lordz Affinity types on medium.

Dynamic and strategic battle system

A turn-based battle system which allows inactive Meme Lordz in your party to attack, heal and buff your main Lord while it fights. Combined with a deep affinity system, the Meme Lordz gameplay will be incredibly rewarding & require deep strategy and consideration of your Meme Lordz party composition.

Open world multiplayer map

Explore a mysterious realm where the collective thought forms of humanity manifest as ghostly forms. Travel to the central Meme Stream to immortalise your Meme Lordz and help stabilise the realm!

Journey through varied beautiful landscapes in the online multiplayer experience, or opt to have the world to yourself in a single player offline mode. (See roadmap for details)

Meme Lordz Token Details


Standard BEP20 Token / No Tax


95,093,883 (4,906,11 Burnt)




Pancakeswap Buy link

Token Utility

Our beloved $Lordz token has immense utility within the Meme Lordz game, as well as major incentives for holders.

$Lordz will be required to mint NFT’s from in the game. This means users will need BNB to pay for blockchain gas fees & a small $Lordz payment on-top to successfully mint a Meme Lordz NFT after battling & catching them in the game.

This will drive the value of $Lordz up as new users see the value of NFT’s found in the game & subsequently acquire $Lordz from the open market.

NFT minting tax distribution breakdown

50% of the $Lordz tax will be pooled and redistributed to holders of $Lordz.

25% of the $Lordz tax will be permanently burnt from supply.

25% of the $Lordz tax will be pooled for ongoing server costs.


Supply Breakdown

The accompanying graph lays out the initial distribution of our token. We will be offering the public 30% in the IDO (June 21st). Team, Reserve & Marketing tokens will be locked with a gradual unlock each month over 6 months. 25% of marketing tokens will be available straight away to fund the first month of marketing.

IDO Funds Breakdown

The accompanying graph lays out the distribution of the IDO amount.

Exclusive locations for holders!

As our Meme Lordz universe expands with regular map updates, we will feature unique locations, accessible exclusively to $Lordz & Ethos holders.

Discounts on unique NFT items

Holders of the Meme Lordz token will receive discounts when purchasing unique NFT skins & NFT items. These are purely cosmetic and will not effect gameplay. A main game item system for consumables will require  in-game points  acquired by playing the game.

Project Roadmap

Q1 2021

Prototype & Proof of concept

Q2 2021

Public Website
Trailer Launch
Public IDO

Q3 2021

Game development

Q4 2021

V1 single player release (browser beta)
Blockchain functionality
Marketing campaigns

Q1 2022

Meme Lordz multiplayer
New content, characters & skins

Development Updates

Meet the team

Ryan Smith

Founder, CEO

Milan Votrubec

Technical Lead

Momsad Khan

Blockchain Engineer

Joshua Maker

Brand Lead

Exclusive leaks and competitions

Join our Meme Lordz communities to stay up to date and have your voice heard. All community members are welcomed and encouraged to join the conversation about which new Lordz should be added to the game.

General enquiries email us at info@memelordz.io.