Hey! A wild appears…

Meme Lordz is a 100+ hour blockchain game powered by the Binance Smart Chain network. Explore the nostalgic, top-down open-world of Memnon and utilise in-game minting to immortalise each Meme Lord as a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT). Battle, bind and collect as you journey through a mysterious land powered by the collective thought-forms of humanity!


Unique Lordz


Hours of gameplay


Playable Affinities


Collectible NFTs

Enter the world of Memnon

Expansive open world map

Explore an expansive open world map which expands as players level up and progress through the rich story line. Explore mines, forests, crystal fields & the cities of Planet Memnon as you battle your way through the corruption taking over the land. With new map expansions & zones, the Meme Lordz universe will only get bigger!

Dynamic turn based combat system

Wield the power of 300+ unique Meme Lordz in a dynamic, turn-based combat system. Players can select from 100’s of learnable moves. Each move draws from 1 of 14 affinities which employ unique play styles to allow freedom & experimentation in combat styles.

Immersive NPC Quests & Item System

An immersive NPC quest system for players to get lost in the quirky characters & stories told within the game. With thousands of individual NPC’s populating the Planet Memnon map, players will have no trouble having fun with battles, main story quest lines, hunting rare item drops, side quests & exploring the rich environs. Some quests reward rare items which may be useful evolving rare and valuable Meme Lordz…

Multi-tiered evolution & rarity system

Each Meme Lord encountered in the game has a ‘base rarity’ associated with it. Some Lordz are harder to find then others… and some even harder to evolve! With a complex and multi-tiered evolution system, players can level up their Meme Lordz through combat & watch as they evolve into powerful new high level Meme Lordz. Some evolve through chance & others through specific conditions which encourages player experimentation and community dialogue.

Immortalise your Meme Lord as a NFT!

View your custom Meme Lordz NFT Artwork on lootex.io

About Meme Lordz NFTs

Minting a Meme Lordz NFT occurs inside the game, and allows the minted Lord to be used in the upcoming Meme Lordz multiplayer, as well as be sold and purchased through online marketplaces. Each Minted Lord has a chance to receive 1 of 5 unique natures with increased stats! Use our NFT validator to check the level, stats and rarity of your Lordz.

Minting Explained